Holocaust Memorial Day – Candle Design

The candles stood between four to six feet tall and were made in December 2009 and January 2010 in a freezing foundry in Limehouse, London. I pretty much gave up Christmas and my birthday to work on it.

The pieces were installed in Guildhall, London.

Meeting survivors who complimented our work was by far the most important feedback I've ever received.

For a piece of industrial design you've helped create that speaks to to someone on such an emotional level is something I will probably never achieve again.

HMD does great work around the world. I am not Jewish. I am not a survivor. I am not religious or remotely spiritual. I have been lucky enough to have a sheltered life, free of many of the horrors of this world. But yet, I still attend HMD every year. Because we need to remind ourselves that it’s not all first world problems.


To me, this is the most personal and important project I ever worked on. On a pure skill level, I worked with wax and foundry workshops for the first time to create sculptures. On a personal level, I believe we largely now take the Holocaust as “something that happened that was really bad” without realising exactly WHAT happened and that is tragically a wrong thing to do. This reminded me that the people lighting these candles have gone through more in one lifetime than a million other lives would ever want to go through.

Project done in collaboration with MA CPNE, Central Saint Martins 2010.


HMD Trust


Industrial Design, Wax Sculpting, Experience Design, Installation