inensu – SuperFan

Yes, that is a One Direction logo. inensu's flagship platform was SuperFan, which set out to answer, can you gamify fandom?

Our first client on the platform was One Direction. You might have heard of them.

The guys did a video which got ripped by the fans almost instantly and put on YouTube before we'd made it past the first day.

OK, basic game mechanics here. Every day you'd return to the app to find a new event to check into. this could be a show, a PR event, a YouTube video release, etc. This was our Daily Returning Mechanic.

Checking into this event as soon as it opened meant you got a Gold Badge! If you were later you'd get a silver badge, bronze and then a bog standard white badge, meaning you weren't as dedicated a fan as you thought you were.

The fans of 1D are very passionate and dealing with them on a daily basis was both fun and nerve-wracking.

Those who were lucky enough to have checked in loads made it to the leaderboards. As you can imagine, we got lots of angry emails from those people who wanted to be on it but didn't make it.

The campaign was a hit, even if it wasn't promoted as much as it should have been. We had thousands of hits in a very short time, sometimes as much as a thousand a minute. No surprise our server went down a few times.

Overall, I was responsible for the UX design, ALL social media posts and copy (and that was VERY difficult to get right), graphic design and game features, which leads me to...

SuperFan Reporter. Probably the single best idea I ever had. EVAR.

We noticed a lot of the fans who were virtually checking in were also going to concerts furrealz. Therefore, it made sense that they were rewarded in game too. Hence SuperFan Reporter. If you were actually at a gig, you could check in on the phone, check yourself in, foursquare-style and get a unique badge, loads of game points and be featured as a "red carpet reporter".

It's worth mentioning it wasn't all 1D. Us-act Mindless Behavior asked us to do one for them and this worked to some degree, bearing in mind they were largely unheard of in the UK.

Not only that, but Universal very kindly gave us access to the band where fans could submit questions and get answers each week.

I personally filmed an edited these, as well as creating the backing music bed and opening and closing graphics.

We ran this campaign for four weeks and at the time of writing, those videos have collectively amassed around 1-2 million views. Not bad.

We had more freedom to get custom content from them. I came up with this idea called Mr Right for their Valentine's day promo. You'd answer a Cosmo-style quiz about the boys and at the end our system would match your answers up with your ideal band member.

A custom picture and video would play of a single band member saying "You're my Mrs Right!" (I must point out this was a name of one of their songs). We also used Facebook connect to put your picture into a laptop that the band members were holding.

Cute, huh?


A platform to see who the biggest fan of a musical artist is. Made at inensu, 2011-2012.


inensu with Sony Music UK and Universal Records


UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Posts, Copy Writing