inensu – Closet Swap

We focussed on the social aspect of clothes sharing between friends

The site's main aim wasn't to feel like a traditional eco fashion site (i.e lots of green and photos of sweatshops), but something modern, fun and exciting. Most importantly we were huge fans of lookbook so we wanted that personal style portfolio to really come through.

The idea is very simple - find clothes you don't ned anymore, photograph them, upload them to a shared closet space with your friends and start swapping.

We also made an iOS app that used the phone's unique capabilities, like GPS and Facebook connect to make small "eureka" moments to improve the overall user experience.

We also wanted to make a small layer of gamification - as dated as the buzzword may appear to be, it worked to our advantage. Users unlock little badges for adding stuff and these badges had little bits of information about the ethical fashion world.

I designed a lot of the game mechanics and one thing we did that I think went largely unnoticed, was that our badge hierarchy was totally flat; that is it was completely reactive to what the user was doing and only gave them achievements that were relevant to them. We added new badges all the time so there wasn't a pre determined set, like you'd get on a game on Steam, for example.

Stats and other little counters also proved to be popular.
The hardest part of the project was getting the copy right. This was my first time writing large text descriptions for a public audience - prior to this I'd just done the odd icon label.

Good copy and tone of voice is integral to UX Design and it's amazing how many people ignore this fact.


This was my first major project at inensu – the company I worked at as their head of design. inensu is one of the best companies on the planet and I urge anyone to kill for a job there. If they only had a Tokyo branch…

This site, made in collaboration with Channel 4, explored the ideas of ethical fashion and the promotion of that concept, without being preachy about it. I was responsible for the UI, Interaction Design, complete wireframing and graphic design elements of the site and the custom iOS app.


UX Design, Interaction Design, Photo Editing, Copywriting, Graphic Design